A loss of a dear family member, a very dear friend or a loss of a work collegue, is always a difficult time for all of us. Expressing our feelings of grief and sadness is very important at this very sad times in our lives. This is a time to say your last good buys, a time to remember the good times and a time to give for the last time to the deceased. This can be achieved through sending:

  1. a funeral wreath
  2. funeral flowers
  3. flower arrangement

As a Master in Flower Art, I feel the importance to achieve a personnel touch with each funeral tribute. For example: something that represents the deceased, or just the preferred flowers that the deceased adored. Each tribute can in some way represent that person! Quality is for me very important. By this last good buy, there has to be all the care represented in the arrangement, because this bouquet shows your feelings for this person. Atmosphere, flowertype, colour and style are of great importancy. Of course you can ask me for advice and I will be of help to make your choice.

By looking my website you will see ideas, that may inspire your choice or you can just phone for advice and inspiration.  

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