By every special occasion, is it nice to give an appropriate gift. It will be extra showy when it’s decorated with a small of bigger flower arrangement. We make all different decorated items, for example:

  1. a bottle of wine
  2. a bottle of champagne
  3. a perfume
  4. a candle
  5. basket with a bottle of wine/champagne
  6. bowl filled with a present
  7. wreath decorated with (fresh) flowers
  8. etc.

Each item has its individual style. You have also the possibility to bring your own gift to Flowers on Wheels, where a beautiful arrangement can be created on each individual piece. Thera are a number of examples to choose from, though be it, this is just a taster of what can be created for you. For each season you can choose a different theme:

Xmas – Xmas wreath….the perfect gift! If you would like to take your interest further, please do not hesitate to ring us or mail us on:

tel: 06-52302143