Welcome on this Website.

On our different web pages offered by Flowers on Wheels, you will se a wide variation of floral arrangements. This however is only a small part of our collection, so you are always welcome to contact Flowers on Wheels to discuss variations or any ideas that you personally have yourself.

 A little insight to: Thera Balvers, director of Flowers on Wheels. After my professional training as a florist, I then went on to follow my masters in floristry, enabling me to use my full talent in floral art. I work for a longer time now as a Master in Flower art and I like to create exclusive flower arrangements. But of course youíre also welcome for a normal bouquet, within I always try to find a special and personal touch that makes your bouquet special! 

I work, as my company name suggest, by personally contact (by telephone) or coming to your home and discussing what it is that you really want. The positive side to this is, no overheads that come with having a shop: meaning a lower price can be achieved for the cliŽnt, better flexibility with working hours as I am not bound by shop opening times. My flowers are always bought fresh specially for you and your bouquet is not made with flowers which are needed to be sold. 

I do hope that you will look further at my website with pleasure and hope, if you have any questions or queries, you will not hesitate to contact me. 

Flowerish greetings

Thera Balvers
Master in Flower Art
GSM: 06-52302143